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Are you planning a visit to Toronto? Do you want to explore your hometown? Do you want to uncover the hidden gems in Hogtown? Then this is the place for you. Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods, each with a distinct personality. This guide is a curated view (meaning our own humble opinion) of what we find are the most interesting areas of Toronto. Through our eyes we help you explore the best of the city. We are designers who live and work in Toronto and have an active curiosity about what we see around us.

What you won’t find here is a big-box, corporate-branded experience. What you will find are boutiques, galleries and locally owned enterprises… you might also encounter graffiti, smells and colourful characters. Enjoy!

What’s with the spelling of neighbourhood? One way in which we Canadians differentiate ourselves from our great big neighbour to the south is through our spelling. Our unique hybrid of British and American spelling conventions is one thing that Canadians cling to like a barnacle clings to a rock. We spell harbour, colour and neighbour the British way and you will see it spelled this way throughout this blog. Just consider it part of the local flavour.


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