Kensington Market



Kensington Market is a truly unique neighbourhood in Toronto. One of the oldest areas, it is the definition of urban multiculturalism. You’ll find Caribbean patties, Mexican tacos, spices, vegetables, fish, cheese and great cafes. Not just food, though, the area has the best vintage shopping in the city and a large selection of contemporary crafts shops. The neighbourhood is congested, noisy, smelly and lively. You’ll see great graffiti and people from every walk of life.



Kensington Market is located west of Spadina Avenue, east of Bathurst Street and south of College Street, north of Dundas Street West. The area is very congested especially on the weekends and there is very little-to-no street parking. There is a parking garage on Baldwin Street and a parking lot on Bellevue Ave.

As of June 2013  - More information and photos to come.

Augusta Avenue

Fada Scooters 199 Augusta Avenue Love, love seeing a whole yard filled with scooters, it makes us smile. New and used. 647 351 1788

Longboard Living 202 Augusta Avenue Cruising on a skateboard says freedom. 416 901 7787

Kid Icarus 205 Augusta Avenue I found a true treasure trove of map inspired items (my obsession) among the range of really cool crafts, sources are primarily Canadian. The real stand-out are the silkscreened prints and cards, the majority of which are printed by them. They also do custom design work for invitations. 416.977.7236

Bungalow West 244 Augusta Avenue An extension of the original Bungalow (see below). 416 594 0204

Blue Banana Market 250 Augusta Avenue It’s a department store of interesting finds, a fantastic mix of crafts. 416 594 6600 

Good Egg 267 Augusta Avenue There are some things that are made for each other… peanut butter and jam, eggs and bacon… the food metaphor is intentional and appropriate when describing Good Egg. A quirky, lovely store dedicated to food in a quirky, lovely neighbourhood. No food just food stuff and books. 416 593 4663

Bungalow 273 Augusta Ave. One of the best vintage stores in an area lousy with vintage. Not just clothes but furniture and housewares. 416 598 0204

Fresh Collective 274 Augusta Ave. Looking for a special dress that you won’t see on everyone you meet? FC is the place to go for pieces that are for the most-part locally designed and truly unique.  416 966 0123

Model Citizen 279 Augusta Ave. Silkscreening on-site, clothing, accessories, local designers. 416.703.7625 


Nassau Street

Lettuce Knit 86 Nassau Street  Inspiring little knitting shop with a range of supplies. Look for the yarn wrapped fence posts outside.  416·203·9970



Baldwin Street

Cobs Breads 172 Baldwin Street Forget the low-carb thing, that’s done. Cobs is actually a chain but acts like a boutique bakery so we’ll allow it.

Tom’s Place 190 Baldwin Street One of the best kept secrets of well-heeled Bay Street types. Discounted designer business attire in Kensington since 1958. 416 596 0297

Hooked 206 Baldwin Street This seafood market was named in the “Best of the City” 2012 issue of Toronto Life magazine. They hold seafood prep and cooking classes including Sunny Dreams of Sushi, Summer Starters and Fish cooking. One of two locations, see the Riverside guide. 647 925 1835

Army Navy 199 Baldwin St. Great, sliding piles and stuffed racks of camo, uniform pieces, bags etc.


Kensington Avenue 

By far the best vintage shopping in the city is on Kensington Avenue. There are so many shops on this street that naming them will take us a bit longer – vintage store after vintage store lines the street. The grand old dame of vintage in Toronto Courage My Love is located here.

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