Do you have your flag?

Posted on June 27, 2014 in Blog, Festivals

Is this you?

You have recently moved to Toronto and feel a visceral tie to your birth-country.

You are first or second generation in Canada and are a hyphenated Canadian i.e. Italian-Canadian, Peruvian-Canadian, German-Canadian.

You are multi-ethnic, multi-national true melting pot of which Toronto is so proud and can choose to self-identify as any of a number of nationalities.

The many ways that we Canadians “classify” ourselves is one of our strengths and precious characteristics. Unless you live under a rock you have seen flags everywhere for the past few weeks; on cars, on heads, around shoulders, on houses and painted on faces. It’s World Cup, World Pride and Canada Day, baby and there’s nothing that makes flag bearing more fun than a worldwide party.

Flag tent/kiosk at Dundas and Yonge

Flag tent/kiosk at Dundas and Yonge

Gas stations, parking lots from a trunk of a car, convenience stores all are options for your flag purchase but none are so central to the fun and hysteria as right downtown near Dundas Square. On Dundas just outside the Eaton Centre there is a kiosk that smacks the exuberance and fervour of World Cup and World Pride fever.

So I ask again… do you have your flag?

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