Time is Money

Posted on June 16, 2014 in Blog, Public Art, Riverside

You are standing at the corner of Queen and Broadview… look down and there among the dots of chewing gum and the cigarette butts stuck to the sidewalk you’ll see part two of a three-part 1996 art installation by Eldon Garnet called Time: and a Clock.

There are four expressions dealing with time that make up this stage of the installation, one on each corner of the intersection. The four read:

Time is Money Money is Time

Too Soon Free From Time

Better Late Than Never

Distance = Velocity x Time

The first stage of the installation is further west above the Queen Street viaduct over the Don Valley and reads, This river I step in is not the river I stand in”The third is a poem and can be found on the edge of Jimmie Simpson Park further east on Queen.

For other public works by Eldon Garnet visit eldongarnet.com/public

Time: and a Clock Eldon Garnet

Time: and a Clock Eldon Garnet

Interesting how some corners are cleaner than others… you’re welcome for the close-up of old gum.



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