To market, to market…

Posted on June 12, 2014 in Blog, Kensington Market, Public Art

Kensington Market has a set of four aluminum and steel sculptures created by David Hlynsky and Shirley Yanover that mark the primary entryways.

Globe sculpture

“To Market, To Market” located at Spadina and Baldwin is a globe with orbiting food products that represent things we need to survive and which can be found in the market.

Cat on a chair sculpture

“Home Again, Home Again” is at St. Andrew and Spadina and is a cat on a kitchen chair that represents the comforts of home. Cats play a significant role in the lore of Kensington market as generations of felines have been constant residents.

Cat on a globe sculpture

“Jiggity Jig” is a cat on a globe and represents the immigrants that made Kensington Market home. It is at Dundas and Augusta.

Globe on a chair sculpture

“Piggity Big” combines the globe (the immigrant experience) and the kitchen chair (home) to symbolize that for years immigrants found a home away from home in the market.


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