Red dragons guard Spadina Avenue

Posted on June 1, 2014 in Blog, Public Art, W Queen W


red dragon 1 Traffic in Toronto is bad but who knew we needed guardian dragons, monkeys, unicorns and phoenix on Spadina Avenue at Dundas watching over the swarms below. They are a bit hard to spot but are standing in the median atop their red poles and it is worth dodging through the traffic over to the streetcar stop to take a look at them up-close.

The piece is called Gateway, the four beings seen together form the Chinese character “men” which means gateway and are the work of artist Millie Chen. The plaque reads: ”men” is the Chinese character for “gateway”. By transforming into and out of one another, four mythological symbols, Feng Huang (associated with the Phoenix), Long (the Dragon), Qi Lin (associated with the Unicorn) and Sun Wu Hong (the Monkey King), flow together to form “men”.

The piece, erected atop 20 foot poles in 1997, is constructed of fibreglass, steel and epoxy and have a wonderful waxy, soft sheen.

red dragon 6 Spadina dragons w cn tower Red dragon 2b red dragon 3b red dragon 4b


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