Delicious in the Distillery

Posted on April 26, 2013 in Distillery

Vinegar Is there anything better than a food store that encourages you to taste test before you buy? It shows tremendous confidence in the product as well as a true interest in developing relationships with the consumer. Crescendo on Trinity Street in the Distillery district is just such a retailer. The knowledgeable staff will suggest pairings of oils and vinegars that work particularly well. Try the Apple Crème Vinegar paired with the Pumpkin Seed Oil.

The oils are shipped and stored in barrels and amphorae which is a jar with two handles and a narrow neck, (yeah, I had to look that up) and decanted directly every time into smaller bottles. The design of the shop is unique in that these vessels are hanging on the walls and reinforce the artisan aura.

The pre-paired combinations can be bought as a tasting and the presentation of the smaller nesting bottles is absolutely lovely. I can’t think of a nicer hostess gift.

Crescendo – The Symphony of Taste  13 Trinity Street,

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